What Makes A Good Furniture Packages Supplier?
What Makes A Good Furniture Packages Supplier?

You, the consumer, are in the fortunate position of being able to choose from a huge number of companies that provide furniture packages so what are some of the things you should be looking for in a good furniture pack supplier?
UK based

Nowadays, there are so many people purchasing items on the Internet but they often don’t have a contact number to phone the company or an address for the business. At best an e-mail address is provided so the company could be based anywhere in the world.
Surely, you would at least like the option if you have any questions to be able to pick up the phone and speak with someone. That personal touch would provide some reassurance that if you did have a problem the company were only a phone call away.

Furthermore, you also know that the items you have just bought are going to arrive promptly because they are not being transported half way around the world. They are being held in a warehouse here in the UK.


When making your choice of furniture packs you should feel more comfortable in the knowledge that you are dealing with a company that have been supplying furniture packages for many years. The company will have experienced staff who will use their number of years of working within the furniture packs sector to help you in what is a very important decision so that the furniture you purchase or rent will be “fit for purpose”.

The company will no doubt have contracts with many nationally known names – if this is not published on their website ask them who they deal with. If large, corporate businesses use them that is a positive factor.


Once you have made your decision as to which furniture pack you require you should have the option for it to be delivered very quickly to you if required. Whilst there will be occasions when time is not of the essence there may be an occasion when you require one of your investment properties to be furnished promptly.

Therefore, a 48-hour turnaround time would be important otherwise that could mean lost rental income or indeed a lost potential tenant if he or she selects another property that is already furnished.


You should choose a company that has a wide selection of different furniture packages available to cater for varying budgets and usages. So, if you merely wish to furnish a bedroom or a living room then you should be able to select such a furniture pack. If you want to furnish the whole of your two-bedroom apartment you should have a choice of such furniture packs available.

Design and Quality

Nowadays, the tenant is looking for value for money, superior quality and the furnishings have to look chic. Although they may not own the property they will still be inviting friends and family around so they need to be proud of their home and the furniture in it. 

The furniture in a rental property tends to be subject to a lot of wear and tear so needs to be built to exacting standards. Try to select a company that sources most of its furnishings from UK and other European countries as the quality tends to be superior.

All furniture should come with a 12-month guarantee.


If you merely need to change a mattress you should be able to contact the company to arrange this.

Installation Service

Select a company who provide a complete package that includes selling, delivering and installing the furniture fully constructed so that you are not burdened with having to put lots of flat pack furniture together.


It is important that if you need something replacing quickly the company can respond speedily to arrange a replacement.
Hopefully, if your furniture package supplier can fulfil all of the above you are in capable hands.