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Show Home and Dress for Sale Furnishing Specialists

Changing Space understand that developers work in an extremely demanding and competitive marketplace. It is imperative that new properties are sold without delay and the installation of an interior designed showhome is paramount in achieving this. 



Today’s buyers expect more; they want to buy into a lifestyle and often find it difficult to connect with an empty property. 

The Changing Space design team combine stylish colour schemes with bespoke furnishings and decorative accessories to ensure potential buyers feel an immediate connection with what is otherwise a sterile environment. 



Changing Space combine experience and creativity to design inviting and stylish interiors which capitalise on the architectural features and specification of a property. 
Whether a dark room needs lightening, a small room needs to feel spacious or the perfect room needs complimenting, we will ensure that the correct furnishings and accessories are installed. 



A Changing Space show home is carefully planned to ensure that the lifestyle statement reflects the potential buyers profile and the catchment area. We listen to the needs of our clients which we combine with our industry expertise to create the perfect show home to suit your requirements. 


Our showhome furnishings can be rented on a monthly basis or purchased dependent upon individual requirements. Please call one of our team on 0845 226 0663 to discuss your requirements in more detail. 


Dress For Sale 
With an increasing number of people turning to development projects to supplement their income there has been an influx of refurbishment properties onto the market. Although these properties are fresh and new they are empty and without a pulse, dress for sale is a service that is designed to restart the heart beat of a property. 



It doesn’t take a genius to see that a correctly furnished property sells faster than its empty rival. Following a bombardment of home make-over programmes, buyers expect to walk into a show home when looking to purchase a new property; and why should we disappoint them. 


Changing Space are able to re-create this ‘show home’ look on a budget with our dress for sale service, allowing potential buyers to see how they could ultimately live in the property. 


We are able to liaise with agents to arrange an initial viewing consultation and discuss the best furnishings to reflect the local market. By making this final investment into the property you will not only ensure a fast sale but achieve the highest possible purchase price, ultimately saving you money on needless mortgage payments. 



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