Furnishing Show Homes
Furnishing Show Homes

If you are a house builder specialising in constructing and selling one-off executive homes or a major developer looking to build fifty new homes you will both want to sell those homes as quickly as possible and move onto the next profitable project.

These days, prospective purchasers want to have an idea of what their potential new home is going to look and feel like when it is fully furnished. Therefore, whilst numerous photographs of the furnished interiors of some of the previous homes you have built will be of benefit, nothing can have the effect of being able to walk around a show home that has been furnished “to sell”.

How often have you wandered through the rooms of a show home with your partner, talking to one another quietly about each room and then, as you both drive away, you ask your partner the question: ”wasn’t the property beautifully furnished, do you think they will sell the furniture to us as well as the house?”

That is the impact of a show home furniture pack but now you may be wandering who provided all the furnishings.

Well, many house builders have the misconception that they only need the services of an interior designer who will sort out all the furnishings, flooring and window dressings to create such an effect. Yes, interior designers can play their part in this respect but there are also companies who specialise in providing furniture packages for show homes that can also include the supply of all the above items.

So, what you may ask is the benefit in you using such a company rather than an interior designer?

Well, if you were considering furnishing your own family home, an interior designer would make recommendations to suit your individual and very personal requirements. You may, for example, be a fan of the colour yellow and have fallen in love with such a coloured lounge suite that also has a distinctive shape. It may appeal to you but what is the likelihood of it being liked by the majority of people who walk around your show home that they want to buy it along with the property? Not many.

Herein lies the benefit of using a company that specialises in furniture packs for show homes. The styles, fabrics and colour schemes of the furnishings they suggest and provide are much more likely to appeal to a larger number of visitors. So, more of those people are going to leave your show home wanting to come back for a lengthier visit that may, ultimately, lead to a rapid sale.

Such companies have furnished dozens of show homes whether it is a one-bedroom apartment to a five-bedroom country property. They know the neutral colours and types of furnishings that help create that “wow factor”. They will even provide the lighting, bedding and crockery if required.

Furniture packages are available to buy in various qualities, styles, colours, fabrics and you can even choose to rent rather than purchase some of the furniture packs. So, whether you require a furniture pack for a one-bedroom apartment, a two bedroom terraced house or a four-bedroom executive show home an extensive selection is available.  
You may be pleasantly surprised at how affordable such furniture packages are.