The Benefits of Landlord Furniture Packages
The Benefits of Landlord Furniture Packages

If you’re a new landlord, or even a seasoned landlord with a tenancy coming to an end, then you may be thinking about upgrading your property with one or more landlord furniture packages. You may also be wondering though, whether such extravagances are worth the price you pay for them.

Well there are several well-known benefits to furniture packs, and especially when it comes to rental properties.
So, what are they?

Well firstly, properties that are let furnished do tend to appeal to a much wider market than their unfurnished counterparts. For example, furnished properties are a big plus for first-time renters who are often starting out with virtually nothing in the furniture department. Many young couples and professional individuals would much rather pay a little bit extra in terms of rent than have a higgledy-piggledy home made up of cast offs from relatives and friends.

Those who are in jobs that keep them moving around also like the comfort of a furnished rental property. After all, who wants to lug a load of furniture from one property to another if you have to do it several time each year. Good quality furniture packages are a great and inexpensive way to attract such tenants, and if you add a clause to your tenancy agreement stating damages must be replaced you can virtually guarantee the furniture will be cared for.

And then there is the matter of rent. Furniture packs allow you to ask a little bit more for your property than you would do unfurnished. Depending on the type of property you own and the style of furniture packages you include you can achieve an additional £200-£300 per month, and this is with nothing more than the basic packages. Obviously the additional rental income you get will be used to offset the cost of your furniture packs for the first few years, but if you buy quality packages that withstand wear and tear for a good number of years, you will definitely see a profit.

It must also be added that furniture packages are probably the easiest way to completely furnish a rental property…or any property for that matter. You don’t have to trawl around different shops, or different websites, to find what you need because it is all there in one package. Even if you can’t find a furniture pack to exactly suit your needs you can design your own, at no extra cost. What could be easier than that? You can even employ someone to dress your property once the furniture is installed so that it looks like a show home when prospective tenants come to view it. Think of the time and effort this saves you, and as all furniture packages from Changing Space come with free delivery, assembly and installation you aren’t paying any extra for the luxury of not doing it yourself!

Finally, you need to consider the aspect of safety in your rental property. The soft furnishings in the furniture packs we provide all meet very strict safety standards, including those pertaining to fire. Imagine a tenant bringing an old sofa with them that isn’t flame retardant and they accidentally set it alight. Your entire property could go up in flames. Yes, you would have insurance but this doesn’t cover the heartache and hassle that comes with a burnt-out property.

The benefits of landlord furniture packs are very persuasive in themselves, but when you take into account the prices we offer and our customer service extras you can see why they are so popular.