Furnishing Show Homes

If you are a house builder specialising in constructing and selling one-off executive homes or a major developer looking to build fifty new homes you will both want to sell those homes as quickly as possible and move onto the next profitable project.

These days, prospective purchasers want to have an idea of what their potential new home is going to look and feel like when it is fully furnished. Therefore, whilst numerous photographs of the furnished interiors of some of the previous homes you have built will be of benefit, nothing can have the effect of being able to walk around a show home that has been furnished “to sell”.

How often have you wandered through the rooms of a show home with your partner, talking to one another quietly about each room and then, as you both drive away, you ask your partner the question: ”wasn’t the property beautifully furnished, do you think they will sell the furniture to us as well as the house?”
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